Monday, January 28, 2008

i am not completely healthy

The past few days when I wake up I haven't been feeling so great. Feel like my lungs hurt a bit, and I usually have a runny nose. At first, I just assumed my body was saying "fuck you" for smoking more than usual over Jterm. But no. My body was trying to tell me to slow the hell down and sleep. Since I clearly didn't get the message, I woke up today with a full blown chest cold. *sigh* I really just want to crawl back in to bed and sleep until I feel healthy again.
My mother has been giving me alavert, oranges and emergen-c all day, so let's hope it's not possible to overload your system with vitamin C. She's also banished me from the puppy room, so I don't make them sick.
Luckily, since it is Jterm break I don't have much to do. Since I am a brilliant procrastinator, I do have a 5 to 8 page analysis of the Matrix to write and email to my professor by 3:30pm. But I'm not concerned. The only difficult part will be focusing on the structures of power in the film instead of talking about Keanu's horrible acting.
I had an excellent weekend. I got to go visit one of my best friends, Mugsie, in Evanston. It just makes me happy to hang out with her. We saw a play, hung out with her friends, talked, good times all around. I also got to eat lunch with Andy, which was also good.
Anyways, I think I'm going to go take a shower before I finish the paper. Happy Monday to all, or something like that.

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