Wednesday, January 30, 2008

this post.. kinda pointless

And insomnia strikes again! Woo! I should really be asleep right now. I promised my little sister that I would make her breakfast tomorrow. Since she goes to high school and all that, that means getting up 6am. Really shouldn't have been a problem. I was all set to go to sleep, but instead of heading right to bed, I checked my email, checked iChat, ended up talking to several people. Finally signed off, turned off the computer, turned off the light, tried to sleep... and clearly I was unsuccessful.

On the other hand, I've made several observations. It got really cold. It's entirely possible that I will have the joy of driving all the way to Luther in a snow storm. I can't wait for the weekend and I haven't really done anything but bum around the house all week. Counting sheep gets a little boring after you reach 1,127 sheep. At that point you should give up and realize you aren't tired yet.

If any of you have an hour to watch a documentary about the internet and "kids these days", you should watch this one from PBS. I love PBS. It's all we watched in my house for most of my childhood. I remember a lot of fundraising programs where they'd have banks of people answering phones and the host at the front talking about whatever group was performing. That actually might just be a memory of one Peter, Paul and Mary concert that my brother and I would watch over and over. Anyways. I've been re-examining my internet usage since watching that PBS documentary. I feel some changes afoot. I'm seriously considering deleting my myspace account. I don't use it for anything of real importance. I just mess around with it when I am bored or want to procrastinate, and their are better ways of doing both. I can still search the site for music, so it's not like I need it for that. Decisions decisions.

Well. Five hours and counting until the great egg cooking adventure. Sleep, take two.


Haley said...

i feel your pain...laundry's not i'm up for, well, forever. psycho's coming to pick me up at eight am. ouch! if you cant sleep again. could always text a bit!

Quaking Aspen said...

We used to watch those fund-drives, too! One time my brother and I watched five hours of the BBC show "Red Dwarf." sooooo nerdy :-)