Wednesday, January 9, 2008

two days in a row!

I am on a roll. Yesterday I got sirred in the bookstore by the dude that is in charge of the bookstore. He said "How are you today, sir" and I responded just fine. At which point he apologizes. "I mean ma'am. I'm sorry, you know I just took a quick glance and with the short hair." I told him it was ok, not a problem, that I didn't actually care. And he kept talking about it. Followed me down the school supply aisle while I picked out my lovely blue 2" binder. Hehehe.
Today I was in the registrar's office and was talking with one of the women. My friend Taryn was waiting for me. One of the other women walks up to her, and asks her "do you need any help, or are you waiting for him?" This was particularly funny because I was talking with the other woman and the registrar at the time, and I believe I had been referred to as a "good girl" for paying attention to my program evaluation. Well, and I was talking. I don't have the deepest voice in the world. Hee hee.
I think what I enjoy the most about these sort of experiences is watching people when they realize that they've supposedly "messed up." They get so flustered.. and I just smile to myself.

Anyways. So I was in the registrar's office today because I realized I need to be taking a religion class Jterm. The course I took in Tanzania isn't transferring, and last time I tried to get it to transfer it get stuck in registrar hell. So I thought to myself, "self, you've already taken a capstone course. just drop the capstone course and sign up for a religion course." So I did. neat. Now I'm taking Apocalypse: Then and Now.

Yesterday Joe, Haley and I named my pipe. It's name is Hedwig, because it's an angry inch. Well technically it's larger than an inch, but it's tiny. Cute but mighty. Just like me... just kidding. =)

It's cold. My lower back muscles have seized up in protest. I hate it when they do that. Mainly cause even when I warm up again, they still freak out. Ugh. Anyways. I'm going to go finish my homework.

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Sam Love said...

I love getting called him and sir. It happened a lot more often when I had short hair, but it always made me laugh cos I have a HUGE rack and I think it's funny that they wouldn't notice that first. Have I told you the "ma'am...? sir...?" story? I think I have, but tell me to if I haven't. Anyway... we need to hang out stat! I think I need to make a visit to Luther as I am having serious social withdrawals. anyway, I'll call you soon.