Saturday, January 5, 2008


So tonight we had two run ins with the police. Well you can't really call them run ins, but they were entertaining. I was hanging out with Taryn and Haley for the evening. First, we were at the Market, sitting, having a beer and all the sudden five cops walk in to the bar, and one of them comes up to me and asks for my ID. I'm 22, so all clear. Anyways, he looks at my ID, flexes it a little, looks at the picture, looks at me, looks at the picture again, looks at me before smiling and saying "have a nice evening." The cops check a few more IDs and then leave.
Second incident, we're driving back and Haley's going a bit fast on college drive, and we get pulled over. She was the designated driver, which was good. Either way, she tells the cop she has to reach into her back pocket to get her ID, so he has her step out of the car, asks her if she's been drinking, does a quick sobriety test, checks her license, and luckily she gets away with just a warning about speeding.
Two cop incidents in one night. Dang. I have to say, both times they were very friendly cops at least.
anyways. we just finished watching Better than Chocolate. I also had a strange incident where my RA told me that if she was gay she'd fuck me cause I'm hot but she loves dick. So entertaining. My RA is hilarious when she's been drinking.
Either way. I'm gonna go drink another glass of water and crash. It's been an exciting day.

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