Saturday, January 26, 2008

so i'm in exile...

My mother is doing her poodle puppy selling thing. Well, technically not selling quite yet. She has the families who want to buy one of the puppies over and they look at the puppies and meet the mother. Then my parents sit the people down at the kitchen table and they talk about dogs for about an hour and a half. They talk about the lineage of the dogs. They talk about how long my parents have raised poodles. The family that wants to buy the poodle talks about themselves so my parents get an idea of what sort of home the dog will be going to. They talk about the personalities of different poodles. The list goes on.
Either way, I unfortunately woke up after the potential buyers arrived, which means I'm restricted to the upstairs until they leave. Well, technically this is because I didn't get my laundry last night when it was finished. So I can't get dressed yet. Sitting in exile, in my room. Woohoo.

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Haley said...

that sounds so sad! (the exile without clean clothes part, not the poodle part)