Sunday, January 6, 2008

the L word season premier

This evening was the L Word season premier. It was good, though Jenny came back and is in her full evil bitch glory. I was hoping being stuck on a raft would've amended her personality a little bit. Oh well.
I think the most interesting part, for me, was when Alice was interviewing Phyllis about "coming out" later in life. Max was filming for Alice, and Phyllis had asked a question about what the T in LGBT stood for. Max explained that it was for trannies, transgender people, and talked about why he had decided not to go through with his surgery. Then Alice says that they're getting a little off topic for "Our Chart" and Max is like, why? If it's Our Chart then it's for all of us, and Alice was like ok yeah it's for everyone, but implied that everyone meant bisexuals and lesbians. Erg. I hate that shit.
I think one of the things that irritates me about how the L Word handles Max and the plot issues around him is that many of the characters aren't consistent in how they react to Max. At one time, they will be great, and understanding and then they'll come out of nowhere and say something stupid. Like people on Our Chart wouldn't be interested in why Max chose not to have surgery.
You know, I also realized when I was watching the show how easily I get sucked into it. Even more so than Weeds, which is a pretty amazing show. I just get sucked in to the drama and a really shouldn't as much. *sigh* I'm still hoping that Bette and Tina end up together again. Or that Tina finds someone fantastic. Also hoping that Carmen comes back but that is unlikely.

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