Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a list of recent discoveries

1. I just discovered Google Reader today and it is a lovely thing. Basically, you subscribe to all of the blogs you read by entering in their urls, and it will tell you when it's updated and you can either read it in reader, or go to the page. I realize that I'm a little slow on the technological update, but I am still very excited about it.

2. Sumner has convinced me, I do believe that the Taylor 810ce is quite possibly one of the most wonderful guitars. When we went to the cities we got to stop in a Guitar Center and played on the acoustics. It was good times. I also am fiercely coveting an acoustic bass guitar. I still need to look around and compare before I know which one exactly. All of this guitar talk is actually quite useless because I am not going to be able to afford another guitar in a long time. But it's fun to dream

3. I am really not looking forward to writing my senior paper. I know, it's nothing like writing a thesis or a dissertation, and as long as I start working on it in January (or even over break) I will be fine. Still doesn't mean that I actually want to research and write the damn thing.

4. I lost my library card to the Mequon-Thiensville library and there is no record of my ever having a card. Which is rather astonishing considering the amount of time I spent at that library when I was younger. It's ok, my sister was with me so I could use her card.

5. Facebook a tetris application. I am going to have to delete it when I go back to school if I am ever going to complete homework next semester.

6. Finally, I need to make myself go interact with people more often and remember that my friends actually do like me and aren't going to suddenly start disliking me if I ask them if they want to hang out. I feel happier when I interact socially, which isn't a novel concept but one that is good to remember. So, if anyone in the Milwaukee area wants to hang out, get coffee, go to the art museum, whatever, let me know.


Quaking Aspen said...

yeah! you know you are on my google reader, right??? I recently started using the google notebook application, too. It's like making a scrapbook on certain topics you see on the internet. I imagine you could use it on research, like a senior paper? :-D

Dylan said...

well now i know i'm on your google reader.. =)
thanks for the notebook suggestion for the senior paper. i was going to try and use reader but i think that that will work much better.

Sam Love said...

I am not in Milwaukee right now (obviously) but I just want to support you and say that I, too, feel happier when you interact socially.