Thursday, July 2, 2009

new video updates

2, 3 and 4 weeks on T updates. Bonus shots of goofy hair in week 3 update.


ABH said...

:-D :-D :-D
Go, go progress!

Brenna said...

DYLAN. I miss you so, so much. I'm enjoying seeing your progress. It's so cool that you can document this for us all to see. :)

.:m-e-g-g-o:. said...

dude you can totally tell your voice is going through changes...or maybe my ears are crappy...but i'd like to think the former :)

yay puberty 2.0!!!

Ben Masters said...

Congratulations on the name changing! Also, if you're staying around the Twin Cities, maybe we'll run into each other? Assuming that you and Elizabeth aren't mortal enemies... which probably isn't likely.

Ben Masters said...

Oops! Or, rather, it IS likely that you AREN'T mortal enemies. Grammar fail.

Mugsie said...

First and foremost - congrats!
But - wait wait wait wait wait now - WHY can't you drink milk? Did something horrible happen?
Agreed on the heat and bug bites. How can you stand to wear a sweater in this heat?

Dylan said...

@ Brenna: I know, the videos are great for sharing with others, and just so that when I'm a crotchety old man I can share them with my progeny. If I have progeny

@ Meggo: I think I can tell that my voice is changing too. I don't think we're just being optimistic.

@ Ben: I guarantee you'll see me around. I'm living only a couple blocks from your house, and I'm gonna be one of the house's "snack and yack" leader. And you're correct, Elizabeth and I are not mortal enemies at all. In fact, we get along quite well.

@ Mugsie: cow milk and I never have gotten along that well. I can tolerate it in other things, like beverages, cheese, and in foods. But even in ice cream, lately it's been making me feel bloated and gross. So yeah. I've had to cut back on the dairy. And it was cold on the day I made that video, like, 50 out.

Mugsie said...

Ah. Right. Well. Soy milk is made of delicious magic, you know, and has calcium as well. You don't have to drink milk, but you DO know that if you go vegan or give up cheese, I'm revoking your status as a Wisconsonite, right?