Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Song up on Myspace!

I completely and totally forgot to mention this. Sumner and I hung out over break, and got some stuff recorded. Well, the bass line and my vocal part for one demo, and a complete demo of the song "Decorah, IA." If you're interested in taking a listen, or watching a video we recorded of the song "Good Things," go check out I look rather odd in the video, but honestly, what are you supposed to do when you're not singing!

We wrote Decorah, IA this past summer in the backyard of the house I was living in. So its pretty much brand new since we're still living in different timezones.


Mugsie said...

You and your little head-bobbing are adorable.
I like both songs quite a bit! (Though before it actually played my immediate thought was you were covering Sleater-Kinney's Good Things and you were going to make me damn depressed. Thanks for having that be an original song!)
One of these days, we will do that telephone thing. >_<
The word the page has made me enter is "fluxed." That makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

well thanks Z! no, not a cover of sleater-kinney.. as a group sfo has never covered sleater-kinney.. which could be kinda interesting honestly..
i dunno, they kinda fall under the realm of sacred music that must not be covered.

Mugsie said...

Understandable. Plus, to do that song any justice, you'd have to be hella depressed, which thankfully you're not.
Do tell when your recordings are out, as I want them.