Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Shifty Republican Tactics

Another quick hit from Feministing:

The chairman of the Macomb County (Michigan) Republican Party wants to deny people the right to vote if they are homeless due to foreclosure.

"We will have a list of foreclosed homes and will make sure people aren't voting from those addresses," party chairman James Carabelli told Michigan Messenger in a telephone interview earlier this week. [...]
Carabelli is not the only Republican Party official to suggest the targeting of foreclosed voters. In Ohio, Doug Preisse, director of elections in Franklin County (around the city of Columbus) and the chair of the local GOP, told The Columbus Dispatch that he has not ruled out challenging voters before the election due to foreclosure-related address issues.

The move would disproportionately affect African-American voters, as "more than 60 percent of all sub-prime loans -- the most likely kind of loan to go into default -- were made to African-Americans in Michigan." One of the largest Republican fundraisers in the county is a "foreclosure specialist." Gross!


Mugsie said...

I can see how they're going to play that off as "protecting against voter fraud" and the sad part is, I don't think most people will see through that.
Not to be totally partisan here, but FUCK! Could the Republican campaign effort BE more of a shit show?!

Mugsie said...

And something to share with any religious liberals around you from a shirt a priest friend of mine has:
"Jesus was a community organizer, Ponchas Pilot was a governor."