Tuesday, July 29, 2008

thumbs up to Keira Knightly, there are weird people in Decorah

Keira Knightly has publicly stated she doesn't want her body to be digitally enhanced for her next movie, the Duchess. Go Keira for not going along with "the industry's" attempts to create body standards that are unattainable.

In other, way more local news, the house next to me was torn down today. They started at 6am. I sleep with my window open. And the house is oh, maybe 20 ft from my window. Needless to say I started my day a bit earlier than usual as well. When I biked off to work I noticed the old man who lives two houses down had brought out his lawn chair
and was watching the machine tear down the house at 7:30am. I got back from work around 4:30, he was still sitting in the chair, watching the house get torn down. Seriously? That's weird.


Mugsie said...

That makes me so fucking happy!
Both parts, actually, but particularly Kiera.
The guy watching the demolition is just so "what outsiders think of the Midwest" that it makes me smile.

Quaking Aspen said...

Come on! It's free entertainment!