Sunday, February 10, 2008

crazy weather we're having..

Right now I'm dog and house sitting for one of my friends. Basically I hang out at her house, sleep here, and let the dog out in the morning and the evening and make sure he has food and water. The dog, Shuba, has been generally well behaved and good on our walks which I really appreciate. Last week there was some really lovely winter weather. Not too cold or windy, clear skies, sun, it was joyous. Then yesterday the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. Letting Shuba out became a trek across the arctic tundra. And of course, when it's blustery and completely frigid out, that's when Shuba decides to be a little naughty, jumping on me, trying to bite my butt and elbows. Thanks Shuba.

I realized I haven't blogged in a while. It's not that blog-worthy things haven't happened, I've just been busy. I went up to the cities last weekend, and got to see the movie Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi about her childhood in Iran and decision to move to France. It was beautiful, if you have a chance to see it you should. We are actually watching another Iranian film called "Children of Heaven" in my women and gender studies senior seminar. It's about a brother and a sister who have to share the same pair of tennis shoes because the brother accidentally loses his sisters shoes, eventually he enters a footrace where he has to come in third because the third place prize is a pair of shoes. We watched the first half on Thursday, and we'll finish it this coming Tuesday.

We had a pride party last night, and that was wonderful. We played "circle of death" and "never have I ever," two of my favorite drinking games I must say. There was drinking, but there was also a lot of bonding. I am so relieved that pride is a lot less clique-y than in the past. We all seem to get along, there's not a lot of drama between group members, no gaytriarchy issues, or people complaining that the lesbians took over. I'm just happy the group will survive and keep going strong.

I'll leave you with a few clips from flight of the conchords, because I think they're hilarious.

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